Our Story

Meet Therese
Master Herbalist + Herbal Formulator + Merchandise Designer

Soulful. Unconventional. Multi-passionate. Entrepreneur
These are all the words those who have ever felt her electric energy and powerful presence would use to describe Therese Prentice.

An incredibly gifted Herbalist, Artisan and Cultural curator, Therese has originality flowing through her veins. She’s a veteran entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience, has run successful businesses in a variety of creative fields, and boasts national press and media appearances.

When most people meet Therese and learn about her seemingly endless capabilities, they often wonder, “Is there anything this woman can’t do?!”

As a:

  • Master Herbalist and Herbal Formulator
  • Certified Life and Business Coach
  • Merchandise Designer
  • Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
  • Aromatherapist
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Metaphysician

…She is the embodiment of a true Renaissance Woman.

But that hasn’t always been the case. As a teenager, she was discouraged from pursuing the arts as a career path – despite being a skilled seamstress since the age of 10. Therese spent the better part of her young adult life hiding her creativity.

After discovering the healing and transformative results of Metaphysical Principles and Herbalism , she changed the course of her life and began to unapologetically embrace her love for the arts again.

Therese is a fierce advocate for women seeking greater fulfillment and personal freedom through the arts. Combining actionable strategies, intuitive guidance and metaphysics in her work, Therese is known and loved for her fearless and inspirational #SoulTalk messages that create powerful connections and energizes her tribe to action. 

More than just a consultant and coach, she is a catalyst – pushing her tribe into possibility and their purpose. And her goal is to help people create a life that feels so good, they don’t need a vacation from it