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Soulful Travel Escapes specializes in Curating and Hosting Group Travel Experiences Around the World focused onTravel, Food, and Culture! We are multi-cultural and attract a diverse group of people!  Soulful Travel Escapes is for the person who is sick and tired of waiting to live their best life, they want it now!  We love people, food and unique experiences!  From Milestone Celebrations to Just needing to step outside your comfort zone, we curate and host travel experiences with you in mind.  If you want to travel the world, eat amazing food and experience different cultures like never before then, we are the group for you! We want to connect with you on a Soul level, Travel with you like an old time friend and create memories together.

Our Destinations…
From Domestic to International Destinations you know each travel experience will include: Travel by Air, Land, Cruise or Rail, Food + Culture. We are on a mission to expand the minds of people about embracing the richness, the differences, and the similarities, that exist within each of us.  My desire is to create a community of friends around the world with you as a part of that community. Imagine if you had friends all over the world, what would be possible for you!  Remember, friends open doors to unlimited possibility.

Native in the City – #nativeinthecity…
Where ever we travel to you can count on being a #nativeinthecity. Nothing is better than experiencing a destination like a native. You get to indulge in food and culture off the beaten track. You get to connect and engage with the local people and of course a bit on the tourist side too.  You arrive as a stranger and you leave as a good friend.

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